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Hi guys! 


Myself and Olja are really excited to partner up with Samsung once again, this time to try out their new Galaxy Watch. I can’t believe I have made it this far without a smartwatch in my life, and I really mean it! This watch is so cool! It does not only have a beautiful design, but has the most practical features! We've both really been enjoying our watches these past few weeks and wanted to share our favorite features with you! 


These past few months have been pretty crazy for us - shooting daily, editing and answering emails everyday, often very late at night, picking up packages, traveling a lot for work, etc. and of course trying to be connected as much as possible and sharing content with you guys. To be honest it has been rather difficult, which is why the Galaxy Watch has been pretty handy, because now we receive all our notifications, like work emails and messages on our wrist which is really important for us because we want to be as fast and efficient as possible, but at least like this we don’t need to have our phones with us 24/7. If you want to take calls without your phone, you'll need the LTE version - Olja and I use the Bluetooth version. Oh and the battery of the watch lasts so long and charging it is super fast! 


Another great feature that the Galaxy Watch offers is that you can change the watch face and have either an analog system or a digital one with different styles and colors. You can even customize it and have your own favorite pictures as watch face. This may not be a very important feature, but I think it’s really cool because I love customizing everything and always get bored of seeing the same picture or screensaver. Every time I get a new phone or computer, the first thing I do is put my favorite pictures as screensaver! Olja does not care so much about this, she won’t change a screensaver or profile pic in years haha but I do! What she finds really handy is that the watch offers so many wellness features, which help you organize yourself and always find the time to do sport and feel good! It’s actually funny that whenever we are out and about shooting or picking up packages which are our two main hobbies :D the watch starts counting our steps and pushing us to do more! If we take a long coffee break at a café, it will also remind us about how low our activity has been the past hour! You can also measure how much water or coffee you are drinking, your calories, track your sleep and even your stress level


All in all, a great device which we plan on taking with us everywhere! It will take some more time to get used to all of the features since this is our first smartwatch, but so far we are both really impressed! The Galaxy Watch comes in three models and either with Bluetooth or LTE: I chose the model in Silver 46mm which is bigger sized than Olja's. She chose then one in Rose Gold 42mmYou can also choose different straps in different colors and fabrics, like in leather or silicone, we both have the silicone one, we find it really comfortable. Also we really love the fact that the watch is so fashionable and goes so well with all our looks! 


It doesn't matter whether you've had a smart watch before or not, we can really recommend these in either case. I'm sure you'll find them really useful! 

These past few weeks we've been sharing different stories with some of our favorite features, I hope you were able to check them out!


Hope you guys enjoyed the holidays with your loved ones and had a great start in the new year! 


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