And we are back from the Maldives! (just kidding we came back months ago, but somehow didn't manage to find the time to put this together!)

Better late than never, right? or at least that is what is commonly said..


This trip was a dream come true so we just had to share some of our favorite images with you! We absolutely fell in love with these paradisiac islands. We actually booked this trip very last minute, because we needed an urgent holiday and it was so worth it. We managed to get some rest and created a lot of content because we really felt like it, it just came very naturally. 


We were there for two weeks and spent the first week at the Drift Thelu Veliga Retreat and the second week at the St. Regis Maldives. Both Hotels were great, but the first hotel was more moderate, less luxurious which was actually really nice, because it felt somehow more isolated and therefore more authentic. Our room was on the water so we could see the fish and little shark swim past it. What we didn't really like about this first hotel was that the food selection wasn't great, almost no vegan options and barely any fruit... After a few days we even thought that we might never come back to the Maldives, because the place might be great, but with no food options we'd rather go to Bali. In case you don't know (we found out right before going) that some islands actually belong to a Hotel, so apart from the Hotels you will not see much. The good thing is that this is the kind of destination that you go to if you really want to disconnect and get away from everything and everyone! 


The second Hotel was amazing, very luxurious and with a great food selection! They offered almost everything: a great gym, restaurants, a huge library, a game area and even your own bike to be able to go around the island. We even had our own private butler, which we didn't really need, but it's still a nice service from the Hotel, just not for everyone. Though the St. Regis had everything, the beach at the first Hotel was more magical, because there was so much just less going on.


After staying in both places, we thought it was nice to have a combination between a more luxurious and a more moderate accommodation. We would definitely love to go back one day and stay at different Hotels again. All in all, the experience was great, we relaxed, went for swims, enjoyed the sun and just disconnected from our real life, which was the purpose of our trip!


Hope you enjoy pictures!