In collaboration with John Frieda

Lately I've been getting a lot of questions about my hair routine, so I thought I'd share it here with you again. So, this is my natural hair color, in summer it gets blonder and during the winter time a little darker. I normally don't use a lot of hair products, but I do have some favourites. I always try to dry my hair naturally - Air-drying is healthier, so that's why sometimes if you have time and don't have to leave the house right away, try it out! If you choose to blow-dry, try not to overheat!

Last week myself and Mauricio decided to have some fun and shoot some arty images home! The light in our living room was incredible, so we just had to create! I tried out some different hair styles for future shoots and though I'm obviously not a hair stylist, well, I did play around a little. It would be good to have a professional hairstylist so I can get some perfect styling next time. I'm always so impressed about how many cool hair styles can be done with your hair. 


I used the Frizz Ease Wunderkur Sofort Pflege Spray from John Frieda to get these looks, both for the wet and for the dry look with little curls. I've actually never had a wet hairstyle before, but it was quite fun! This spray is one of my favourites, because it gets rid of the frizz and hydrates the hair at the same time. It also helps to get the right styling without trying too hard. In case you missed the post about my favourite Frizz Ease products, don't forget to check it out here


What do you guys think? Should I try some new hairstyles from now on or do I definitely need a professional hairstylist? :)