INSPIRATION - Corporate Identity 

Apart from our trips and the collaborations/projects that we work on, a while back we decided to start sharing some of the things that we have learned and did at University since we often got questions related to the things we shared on stories while we were in class. I have already done several Photography posts, but this time I thought it was time to put together a Typography & Design post. Perhaps you are thinking, why typography? Well, apart from Photography, we both also really have a strong interest in Typography and Design, and though we are no experts on this, we did take a few courses at Uni and enjoyed them very much. We came to the idea of writing this post, because many of you have asked us about our logo and name 'omocado', about our design and how we came up with it, so we thought it would be good to put together a post about this. This way we can tell you the story and process behind our name and design.

It's quite hard to come up with new names in general, don't you think? It doesn't matter if it's for a new business, a new brand or a new blog. Sometimes it feels like everything has been taken or used already and when you actually come up with something, we often find it hard to actually know if it's a suitable or not, or if it's any good. Myself and Olja have actually talked about this a lot in the past. If you have an amazing business, but your name is not good, or if you have a good name, but choose a terrible font for your name, well, that's just a shame, isn't it? I don’t know how it is for you guys, but we have struggled quite a bit in the past with this, every time we had to include typography in a project. We never knew which one was the right one. 

Like I said, we are not experts or anything, but we very much enjoy the topic and our professor from the two courses that we took was very inspiring. We had already our first class on our first Semester, Entwurf und Layout, which means 'Design and Layout'. We liked this professor so much, that even though it wasn't a photography related course, on our 5th Semester, we decided to take another class with him 'Corporate Identity'. This class was all about creating the whole corporate Identity around a brand. It was a class for Communication Designers, but myself and Olja decided to join and it was really great. We learned a lot also from our fellow students and I think it really helped us to get a better understanding of how the whole thing works. These two courses came in really handy when we decided to start our new website and blog together.


Our Design


We wanted it to be very simple which is why we chose a very clean font. As to the colour we wanted to go for pastel tones. Above you can see some of the colours we considered.

Why Omocado


It took us a while to come up with this name and we tried out many other names and name combinations before we decided to go with omocado. In this post you can actually see some of the options we tried and played with. Everything has a process, and I often enjoy seeing things before the end result. Every brand we know, probably tried many variations before choosing one, and I think that sometimes it's just as important and interesting to see the process and what other ideas where discussed. 


For our new name we wanted something clean, simple and modern, yet still creative and visually appealing. Too simple can work, but can also be boring, and well, too much, is definitely not good.


These are the three reasons why our name ended up being OMOCADO:


1. We both wanted to somehow include our names or initials in our new name and ended up going with O (Olja) and M (Mauricio): OM.


2. You have probably seen on our stories that we both love Avocados. They are part of our meal almost everyday, in fact, when we don't have any ready to eat avocados, we even get sad haha (not kidding). Through the word Avocado, we came up with omocado.


3. Since we are a team and a couple and we work on every project together, we thought that the comparison with the Avocado was very fitting. An Avocado also consists of two parts. We decided to show this in our name by dividing the middle 'O' in two parts.


Why Studio?


Since omocado was something completely new when we started and it's not really a name that gives you a hint of what it is that we do, an option to make it a little more clear, so people didn't think it was new type of drink or an exotic fruit they hadn't heard of before, we decided to add the word studio. This more or less gives you a little context on what it is that we might do. Of course, we could have just gone for omocado, but we decided we liked it and thought it made the name professional. 

Since we are at it, what do you think about our name and logo? We are happy with it. I hope you enjoyed reading about our name and the process behind the creation of OMOCADO. Let me know if you have any comments or thoughts on either our name or the topic in general.