Top Destination 2016 

This year was amazing! We started 2016 flying from Seoul to Bangkok for the first time. Of course there is never enough time to see and visit all the beautiful places in the World and we always wish we could travel even more! For those of you who are also travel addicts like us, let's all make 2017 a year with many new experiences and a lot of traveling!

As mentioned above, we started this year visiting Thailand. We spent January between the amazing city of Bangkok and a small island called Koh Chang, which is close to the Cambodian border. Here you can read about our experience.

After Thailand we went to Bali, we were only there for two weeks, but it was so worth it. We cannot wait to go back one day and stay longer enjoying such beautiful Hotels with such stunning views. This island is so different and has so much to offer. Read about Bali hand the different places we stayed at here: Balquisse Villa, Jimbaran BeachKalapa Bali, The Colony HotelTegenungan, Canggu and The Power of the Ocean.

From Bali we went on a three-day trip to Java Island. This incredibly beautiful Indonesian island is just incredible, we saw active volcanoes in mid-eruption, amazing waterfalls and the world’s largest acidic lake. Check more about this trip here - Java Island. This is the longest blogpost we have ever written. 

We came back from Asia at the end of February and moved back to Berlin to continue our Photography studies. After visiting Barcelona, we decided it was time to visit some European cities which we had never visited before, like London or Milan. As a child, Mauricio visited London often, but for me it was the first time and I just loved it there! Read more here and here.

After a very busy summer with a lot of Freelance work and University projects, we decided to explore California in September. We spent two weeks in one of the most amazing cities in the World: San Francisco! In case you visit the San Francisco area, we really recommend you to visit Mount Tamalpais. This place has amazing sunsets and beautiful views from above the city.

Since we were spending the whole month of September in California, we just had to go on a road trip! And of course it couldn't be a proper road trip without visiting the Joshua Tree National Park. We just can't stop wondering about the diversity of nature in California! Check more about this day here.

Palm Springs! We fell in love, it's just like in the movies - so perfect and so beautiful. Read more about where we stayed in Palm Springs here.

Arizona and of course, one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Arizona - Horseshoe Bend! We can't wait for the new year to begin, to start planning our new adventures and trips together. What were your top destinations this year and where you would love to go in 2017? Perhaps we will meet somewhere! Let's travel together!