Just like in staged photography (which is what I really love shooting), still life allows you control over the whole creative process: lighting, composition, mood, etc, but using objects instead of models, gives you even more time to rearrange the objects within the space.


This is a very new field to me, I've shot this kind of imagery very spontaneously when travelling, mostly at hotels. I recently realised how much I actually enjoy doing it. I could spend hours arranging objects to create interesting and visually attractive images which might give us the impression that there is a story behind them or just simply creating beautiful images due to colour, composition, light and shadows. I'm a very visual person and I enjoy contemplating beautiful imagery with great lighting and colours. While in London, I shot a few still lifes and decided to put them together in a blog post. To me, the colourful elements give the images a lively and playful feel.


As I have already mentioned in my other photography blog posts, I always shoot with available light. Why? I just prefer that natural feel and mood, there is something special about it. If I can, I try to avoid artificial light and try to keep it as simple as possible: my camera, my eye and the available light are enough to create beautiful images.


For some of these images I did something which I don't often do, I used a tripode. Believe it or not, myself and Olja just bought our first tripode right before our trip to London, which is why I really wanted to try it out. This was not my first time using one, but I rarely have in the past. I shoot mostly when I'm travelling so I prefer to keep my gear simple and have less things to carry, but we though it was about time to get one as sometimes we do really need it for work, especially if you are shooting videos. It was a lot of fun to set it up, arrange the objects and choose the framing.


I'd like to work on a proper project with still lifes soon. What do you think about Still Life Photography? Is it something you also find interesting? Let me know!