Saint-Raphäel, France 

We just came back from the French Riviera and this was such a beautiful time, I really can't wait to go back soon! I would say this was the perfect way to start the summer: nice warm weather, swimming pool and the sun, but at the same time being by the pool and in the sun can really damage your hair, which is why we really have to take care of it! I always get a lot of questions from you guys about my hair and about my blonde color, etc and the truth is that I have never colored them, this is my natural hair! You simply need to use the right products and today I want to share my biggest #blondesecrets:

- In case you have a strained blonde, you need to try a moisturizing shampoo for your hair, also do not forget a good conditioner. It's super important to drink enough water. I always try to drink more water then I should every day, especially during summer time! 

- Pool and sea water make my blond hair dull. That's why I use a nourishing care spray before going for a swim to protect my hair. 

- My Ultimate Secret: Cut the tips right before the sunny holidays. That makes the hair less vulnerable, so if you haven't do it for a long time, now is the right time, just before the summer starts! 

- After an exhausting
 vacation, you can apply a mineral water chamomile conditioner which really makes wonders! It regenerates your hair from root to tip and makes your blond color even nicer and brighter.


I really like the "Perfect Repair" from John Frieda for my blond hair. I will put all the links to my favorite products below so you are covered for the summer! If you use the right products, you can enjoy your summer holidays with endless hours of sunshine without any fear of damaging your hair!

I also wanted finally to share with you the video we shot in Sicily together with John Frieda, check it out and let me know what you think! It's so exciting, but also really new to me to see myself in a video! It was a really amazing experience!  

Now here is the best part, as I told you last time, this year will be full of surprises with John Frieda, so here you go:

1. You can get an Individual test package for the perfect blonde with the 
Blonde Berater on Just go through the Blonde Berater, find your perfect care combination and enter your address - there are 25,000 product packages, so don't loose your chance to get one and to try these products out! 

2. You can win a Secret trip with your BBF! What you have to do? Follow
@johnfriedade on Instagram, post your blond secret with the hashtag #blondesecret to have the chance to win a secret trip with your best friend! 

This week I'm off to a new destination, a secret trip with John Frieda! A country I've never been before! Stay tuned and I can't wait to hear all about your #blondesecrets! 




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