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Last week was really special for us. We spent it in Ireland on the road exploring the West-Coast with our good friends Polina and Nazar. It was a beautiful experience, because it was Olja's first time in Ireland and I hadn't been back in over 10 years! As you already know, I was born in Ireland, specifically in a town called Tralee, County Kerry which is in the South-West part of the Island. Being back after so many years was a truly amazing experience, it all felt so foreign yet so familiar at the same time. We stayed at a really nice bungalow in Castlegregory, which is close to the Ocean and about half an hour away from my hometown Tralee. We spent most of the time on the road shooting under the rain and wind, searching for hidden beaches, chasing fog over the mountains and running up and down really high cliffs. It was great to have our EOS M6 with us on the road, because it's so light and easy to carry so you're always ready to take pictures and videos!

One day we visited Tralee and went for a short stroll down town. One of my most precious memories from Tralee is a toy shop which I used to visit when I was a kid. I loved going there and would spend hours checking out all the different toys. After all these years, the shop looked exactly the same, actually not much had changed in Tralee, at least from how I remembered it. Partnering up with Canon and being able to visit Ireland for the first time as a photographer, was just incredible because now I see everything with a completely different set of eyes and this time I was able to capture the beauty with my camera! Now we are back in Berlin and can't stop thinking about this incredible trip and all the beautiful landscapes we saw. Ireland in summer is just amazing because nights are really short and days are long, and the weather is perfect, not too cold and not too hot. We barely had any rain so we had the best time to make perfect summer memories with our friends laughing (a lot) and making jokes all the time. We can't wait to go back again soon and explore new places!


In our last post from Berlin we told you already about the launch of the Omocado x Canon Summer Story Contest. Since we are always sharing our trips with you, now we'd like for you to share your summer stories with us! We want to see your favourite picture and read the summer story behind it! We already have some really interesting entries! If you still haven't posted yours and need some inspiration, head over to our Facebook page Omocado and check the ones that are already in the comments section below our 'COMPETITION' post. We will select our five favourite stories (5 winners) and each one will receive an EOS M10 camera and a spot at the big Canon Summer Stories live gallery which will take place in Fehmarn (Germany), near Vienna (Austria) and Munich later this year. It's pretty amazing, right? We think it is! If you've always wanted to be part of a group exhibition and win a camera, now you really can! Start sharing your stories with us!





1. Go to our Facebook page 'Omocado - Olja & Mauricio'.


2. Check our last COMPETITION post on Facebook!


3. Share your favourite summer picture with a short description right below the post (in the comment section): What is so special about the moment you captured? Why is it your favourite moment? 


4. We will select our 5 favourite summer stories! Can't wait to see them!


5. As mentioned before, each selected winner will receive a EOS M10 camera and a spot at the exhibition with the submitted imagery (Read all the rules below).


Can't wait to see all your stories! 


Olja & Mauricio



- The participation will end on July 10 at 11:59 pm.

- When taking part in the contest, the participant automatically confirms that he has the rights to the uploaded photos.

- By uploading the picture and the story, the participant automatically agrees that his picture and text may be shown at the exhibition. The image rights are automatically assigned for use with Canon. This includes the exhibition, as well as all resulting materials.

- The winning images must be available and made available in High Quality.

- The participants have the right to upload several pictures as long as they differ visibly from each other in the picture and in the story.

- Omocado and Canon are free to exclude images / stories from the photo competition without having to explain more detailed reasons.

- Participation is possible from Germany / Austria / Switzerland.




- Michy My 

- Jasmin Höger

- Julia Helm 

- Jan Kessel 

- Karl Pdg


Congratulations to all five of you and thanks to everyone else for sharing your story with us! We enjoyed reading all of them! Though we had many other great entries, we selected those which had both a story and image that described the summer story and the moment that had been captured.