In collaboration with Canon Germany 

This past week we decided it was time to explore our own city, Berlin! We usually never go out and take pictures because since we travel a lot, when we're home, we are usually pretty busy editing pictures, preparing blog posts, working on our thesis and planning upcoming trips and projects. We also prefer taking pictures when we travel, because we are always looking forward to seeing new places and to getting fresh and new inspiration! 


Since we are currently working on a project with Canon, we thought why not take this opportunity to explore Berlin and do some of the things we love the most, like checking out photography and art exhibitions, museums and of course, some nice cafés where we can enjoy some coffee with coconut milk! It was actually really nice to carry the EOS M6 all over the city instead of our Canon 5D, because it's so much lighter and therefore you can always have it ready to shoot, like on the pictures from exhibition. Another thing we don't do when we are in Berlin is staying at Hotels, and right now you're probably thinking, who would do that when you have your own place, right? But if you think about it, doesn't the idea of spending a night or two at a nice Hotel while you're not travelling sound appealing to you? We thought to ourselves, let's do it! It's the perfect way to break with your daily routine and you can avoid all the travel craziness! Here you can see a little diary from our summer days in Berlin, we hope you guys like it! 


In our last post from Nice we said we had some exciting news for you! Since we are always sharing our trips with you, we think it's time for you show you yours, which is why today we are launching the Omocado x Canon Summer Story Contest, where we want to see your favourite picture and read the summer story behind it! Head over to our Facebook page Omocado and upload your pictures which show your summer story below our last post in the comment section! We will select our five favourite stories (5 winners) and each one will receive an EOS M10 camera and a spot at the big Canon Summer Stories live gallery which will take place in Fehmarn, near Vienna and Munich later this year. Isn't it amazing? If someone would have told us in the beginning of our studies, that we could be part of a group exhibition from Canon, we would have definitely participated! Have you ever wanted to be part of a group exhibition and win a camera? Now you can! Start sharing your stories with us! We can't wait to see them!




1. Go to our Facebook page 'Omocado - Olja & Mauricio'.


2. Check our last COMPETITION post on Facebook!


3. Share your favourite summer picture with a short description right below the post (in the comment section): What is so special about the moment you captured? Why is it your favourite moment? 


4. We will select our 5 favourite summer stories! Can't wait to see them!


5. As mentioned before, each selected winner will receive a EOS M10 camera and a spot at the exhibition with the submitted imagery (Read all the rules below)


Olja & Mauricio



- The participation will end on July 10 at 11:59 pm.

- When taking part in the contest, the participant automatically confirms that he has the rights to the uploaded photos.

- By uploading the picture and the story, the participant automatically agrees that his picture and text may be shown at the exhibition. The image rights are automatically assigned for use with Canon. This includes the exhibition, as well as all resulting materials.

- The winning images must be available and made available in High Quality.

- The participants have the right to upload several pictures as long as they differ visibly from each other in the picture and in the story.

- Omocado and Canon are free to exclude images / stories from the photo competition without having to explain more detailed reasons.

- Participation is possible from Germany / Austria / Switzerland.

*sponsored by Canon