Staged Photography Part II, Paris, France  

In my last post about Photography, I wrote about our Studies here in Berlin, about some of the things we’ve learned these past 3 and a half years and about how my taste and direction in Photography has changed throughout this BA. You can read about it here.


I think it’s very important to find what you are passionate about to be able to be good at it. I have changed my mind a lot and have tried many different things. As you already know, myself and Olja finished our University courses in January. Now we have to work on our final project which includes a written part and a photo series. We have until June for the written part, but we have some big upcoming projects coming our way and really need to somehow find the time to start! 


A month ago I quit my job at C/O Berlin, which is the best exhibition venue for photography and visual media in Berlin. If you’ve never been there, you should definitely visit! Anyway, I decided to leave because I wanted to focus more on my own projects, so now I’m officially self-employed, which is both exciting and scary! Now we have to work harder than ever to be able to continue living from our passion. We are both excited to have started this new website and blog and hope that you guys are also enjoying this new journey with us.


Back to Photography - I try to surprise myself with everything that I do. No matter the project or brand I am work with, I try to always create something different and unique, something I’m excited about. There are many great photographers and content creators out there, so it’s hard to always surprise yourself and your viewers with your content, but it’s important to always try! I think it’s important to let your imagination run wild and create something special. This is what keeps me going. It can be a beautiful light, a dark mood, a graphical location, an amazing texture, anything that gets me excited to shoot. 


How to get new inspiration? Visiting exhibitions, art galleries and going to museums. Following websites and pages which share great work from other content creators. Of course Instagram is also a great source for inspiration. You can always discover new talents and follow those who inspire you daily with their creations. In my last post, I mentioned some really great photographers whose work I find inspiring (one of them was my teacher).


This time I’d like to share some of my favourite Instagram accounts with you:


- Martina Matencio (@lalovenenoso): Beautiful and creative imagery. Always playing with interesting angles and perspectives. Her tones and edits are great, love the warmth and softness. 


- Minh T (@thismintymoment): His sense of scale and composition is just brilliant. He is able to find the most interesting locations and photograph them in a very unique way.


- Gabriel Isak (@gabriel_isak): We saw his series “The Blue Journey” exhibited in San Francisco last September, while we were there travelling and shooting a campaign for Esprit. His images are very aesthetic, clean and creative. They transport you to a strange and surreal world.


- Brooke DiDonato (@brookedidonato): Her images are excellent. My kind of photography. Perfectly staged and mysterious images in very bizarre situations. Must follow!


If you guys know any other accounts that I should definitely follow, please let me know! I’m always looking for new inspiration sources.



  DRESS: LalaBerlin | SHOES: Dr. Martens | WATCHES: Kapten & Son