Paris, France 

Though we've had a couple of few sunny days in Berlin this past week, you can really tell that the cold season is starting to kick in. Soon we'll be wearing jumpers and jackets again, and to be honest I'm actually happy about it. Though I do obviously enjoy summer, I'm not a big fan of warm and hot days. For me, anything over 25 degrees is already too much. I know, but I'm from an Island where the temperature is just great all year round, never hot and never cold, just perfect! 


Enough about the weather! These pictures were taken during Paris for Fashion Week where I wore shorts all week! As to my outfit, the shirt I'm wearing is from the Korean brand 'Drink Beer Save Water'. What a weird name for a brand, right? I think it's pretty original and as you already know, myself and Olja love Korean brands. Their style is usually crazy and very creative! This brand definitely has some really creative and unique pieces, so you should definitely check them out! I have several pieces which I wore and showed you already during Fashion Month. I really love this shirt because of the colours and textures, it has a vintage and messy feel to it. The shorts I'm wearing are from the french brand Ami Paris and the white tee is actually my favourite tee at the moment. It's just plain white, so nothing special, but I like it because it's longer than most t-shirts. I'm very tall so I'm happy when I can find long t-shirts. I found it at a vintage shop in Amsterdam and it only cost 20 Euros. They only had one, and I think I would have bought 4 or 5 if this wasn't the last one :) And of course, no matter what I'm wearing, my hat makes the look complete! Just love this hat! It's kind of become my signature in the past few years. Hope you like the pictures!


Have a great week!



SHIRT: Drink Beer Save Water | TEE: Vintage | SHORTS: AMI Paris | SHOES: Dr. Martens | SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban | HAT: Lack of Color