In collaboration with Canon Germany - Nice, France 

It’s summer time! Who’s excited? We are! Isn't the summer atmosphere and vibe just the best? People are happy and everyone is outside enjoying the sun and the city. It’s pretty magical! A couple of weeks ago we went to Nice for a few days. We are really excited to finally share with you guys that we teamed up with Canon Germany for a super exciting project which we tell you all about already next week and the best part is that you guys can be part of it! More details coming really soon! We are happy to partner up with Canon, because our first professional camera was from Canon and since the beginning of our BA in Photography, it’s basically the only camera we have been working with all these years. During this trip to Nice we came across so many stories which we would like to share with you! We took the Canon EOS M6 with us for a test - a compact camera which means it is super light and therefore so much easier to work with! It was great to be able to test the Canon EOS M6 and to have it with us at all times to capture all the spontaneous and fun experiences we lived! We are used to our DSLR, so it was very interesting to now shoot by looking at the monitor and not through the viewfinder. It was a lot easier for videos! If we ever decide to start vloging on YouTube, we will definitely go for this one.

We spent four days in Nice exploring the city and even went on a short trip to Antibes and to Monte Carlo which is only 15 minutes away from Nice by train. The weather was just amazing - warm and sunny all day long! Apart from work we ate a lot of fresh fruits, drank ice lemonade and enjoyed Cote d'Azur. It's was the perfect way to start our summer! What's yours? Let us know! There will be some very exciting news following in our next posts here and on IG, so stay tuned! 


Olja & Mauricio

We usually never take selfies together and the fact that our camera is a little big and heavy definitely doesn't help, so using such a light and compact camera like the Canon EOS M6 instead made it really easy! We could hold it with one hand and see ourselves thanks to the flip screen, so we could easily take a few silly selfies together on the streets of Nice! :)

*sponsored by Canon Germany