In collaboration with Samsung Germany

I'm excited to be teaming up with Samsung once again, this time to see how the new Galaxy Z Fold2 5G fits in my routine and helps me with my work flow. I've been working with it for the past couple of weeks and I can already tell you that I'm really impressed with all the features it offers. I mean we are talking about a phone with the newest technology and a beautiful design that turns into a tablet when unfolded! What's not to like, right? 


The Galaxy Z Fold2 really combines aesthetic with functionality and as you already know, I love design and everything aesthetic. That’s actually what drove me to pursue a degree in photography when I was 27, a bit of a bold move as art school was not only expensive, but there were no guarantees that anything would come out of it. I see now that this was the best decision I could have made, even though my friends and family didn't really understand this new path in the beginning. At that time, I didn't know what would happen, but it was something I really wanted. Turns out that if you are willing to work hard for your dreams, literally anything is possible. 


These past 4-5 years have been all about traveling and working on the go for Olja and myself. It was tough at times, but overall a great journey with so many experiences and opportunities, which took  me all the way from Shanghai to Los Angeles, New York to Tokyo and all over Europe! When I reflect on how things have changed these past couple of years, it's just crazy. 

One of the reasons I never really developed a routine in my  schedule  since every day is very different: reading through contracts, email communication with clients, editing pictures, location scouting, shooting projects or content, planning my new posts and feed, picking up packages, etc. while finding time to get inspired to do what I really love, which is create. If a device can help me combine most of those things in a more effective way, it’s a winner. As most of my wardrobe is black I’m also a fan of the mystique black color. 


- Editing pictures and putting together layouts on a 7,6" display is a real treat. Easier than using my computer and more fun than editing on a regular-sized phone. Thanks to the bigger screen, you can see and feel the images much better as well as edit wherever and whenever. I spend a lot of time like this: going through my content, editing and putting layouts together - with the Galaxy Z Fold2 work just becomes a lot more fun! 

- Taking hand-free selfies and pictures without having to use a tripod are also one of my favorite features. Since the Galaxy Z Fold2 can be folded, it works as a tripod whenever you need it. For me this is a really useful feature, because If I want to shoot some looks at home (video and/or images), I can easily set it up and don't need to us a tripod or ask Olja for help. 


- Another helpful feature is the ability to take pictures while seeing the captures at the same time. This is so handy when taking pictures with the phone because it allows me to instantly check the results while continuing to take pictures. In my work, composition is probably the thing I look out for the most in order to make my pictures interesting. The ability to check the images while taking them, allows me to change the compositions and angles right away.

- My favorite feature is probably the multitasking option. I can use up to three apps at the same time, which is just amazing! Like most, I spend a lot of time online on my phone, even for work. I use Pinterest to get inspiration, when I'm looking for images to put mood-boards for personal projects or for clients together. To be able to do this simultaneously while watching a documentary or going through my pictures is really effective and saves me so much time. 


- The all-day dual battery is another cool feature of the device, which means that it combines the power of two batteries into one and actively saves energy. Also its hyper-fast 5G allows you to have next level connectivity, speed and reliability.

Working from home means we sometimes forget that it is also important to take some time off as everyday can easily feel like a day at work. Don’t get me wrong: Productivity is essential when you have your own business, but so is disconnecting. For me, watching a good show helps me relax and forget about work. With the Galaxy Z Fold2 I can be both productive, but also enjoy a break with a good cup of coffee and a funny show! I’m constantly on the go and working on something new. It’s hard to take a step back and realize all the things you have achieved up until now. The fact that we have travelled so much less this year has affected both our personal lives and work. I realized how important this year was as it made me to slow down and actually reflect on all the incredible things that happened in my life. 


Social Media and the industry we work in is so fast, often too fast actually, and it felt like a constant competition. That made it hard not to compare myself with others and made it easy to put a lot of pressure on myself to always work on something, just to not fall behind.


However, I realized that there is no need to compete with anyone. Everyone is on their own unique and individual journey. We all just have to focus on ourselves and work on our own dreams. It’s still important to me to have goals and work towards them, but I stopped comparing myself and learned to celebrate all the small successes along the way. Don’t you agree?


I hope you enjoyed reading and the pictures I put together at my home/working space,