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The world of fragrances has no limits and goes back to ancient times. I believe that choosing the right fragrance is essential as it will be like an everyday companion and will be there for some of the most important moments of your life. I want to tell you a little bit about Dange Rose from the Italian brand Blumarine which I discovered recently and absolutely love! This light autumn fragrance is contained in a very unique and unusual bottle with a shape that somehow reminds me of a magic potion which could be in a fairytale, don't you think? The neck of the bottle is fixed on an openwork gold ring with a pattern of miniature roses.


Apart from the bottle and the fragrance itself, I really like the inspiration behind its creation: "Sensuality, romanticism, seduction. Strenght, sentiment and ideals. Courage and danger. Dange Rose is Blumarine’s new fragrance that embraces the challenge of the woman of the 21st century. Idealistic and courageous, she considers her beauty to be an unconventional element of her personality, a modern Lady Oscar. That is why, just like in a fairytale full of mystery and attraction, Blumarine Dange Rose describes this awareness through the main ingredients of its composition. It blends the intensity of the Rose of Versailles, a flower able to resist frost to become even more beautiful, with the subtle, aromatic impertinence of basils flowers and encloses everything within the mystical notes of woody essences. An encounter that generates the very essence of the seduction.” These strong and independent woman also remind me of the women in Game of Thrones, strong women who unlike in a fairytale don't need a prince, but are strong enough to face and overcome challenges.


In addition to the red Versailles rose, there are also notes of aromatic basil flowers, asian nachi pear and vibrant pink pepper, which brings down the sweetness, yet it remains very delicate and most importantly, fresh!


What about you guys? What are your favorite fragrances? I would love to know all about it!




Мир ароматов безграничен. Любимый аромат - это что-то вроде спутника, сопровождающего важные моменты нашей жизни, поэтому очень важно пользоваться такими, которые нравятся и с которыми внутренне всегда себя комфортно чувствуешь. Сегодня хочу рассказать вам немного о таком парфюме - "Dange Rose" итальянского бренда Blumarine. Вкусный легкий осенний аромат c очень необычной формой флакона. Горлышко флакона закреплено на ажурном золотом кольце с рисунком миниатюрных роз. Мне почему-то дизайн флакона напоминает фильм "Игра пристолов“, а черный цвет говорит о чем-то таинственном.
В этом аромате кроме красной версальской розы, которая послужила вдохновением для создания Dange Rose, присутствуют также нотки китайской груши, свежего базилика и розового перца, что делает его не очень сладким, а именно нежным и необычным. Расскажите, а какие ваши любимые ароматы?


  DRESS: Flair The Label | SHOES: Marc O'Polo | PERFUME: Dange Rose