Checking-in from London!


As you've already noticed on Instagram, we are spending the week in London. We decided to come and spend a week here to enjoy the city, create some new content, and most importantly to work both on this campaign for Calvin Klein and our final Bachelor photo series. It's hard to believe that we'll be done with our studies so soon after all these years! 


Shooting this campaign was a lot of fun, we stayed at a Hotel in the Shoreditch area because we both really love the vibe and atmosphere there. You have cool shops and cafes and many nice spots to shoot on the street. We took these pictures in our Hotel room and we used a tripod to be able to shoot ourselves together. It's always a little tricky, but we are getting better at it :) Working with Calvin for the 4th time and this time being part of a worldwide campaign is really an honour! We are always happy to work with them and this time it was great to be able to pose together. After Shoreditch we booked a really nice apartment with big windows and hundreds of books in the Notting Hill area, and this is where we've been staying the rest of the week. This area is also very nice! Well, London is just a great city! 


Hope you guys are having a great week! 

Lots of hugs,
Olja & Mauricio