Los Angeles, California  

Wow, time really does fly! we really can't believe its been so long since we've updated our blog... so sorry guys! It's been so crazy, which is good obviously, but being so busy hasn't allowed us to spend time creating beautiful posts here. We hope this will eventually change, but we have a lot going on and also new things coming up! Anyway, as you already know, we just came back from Coachella and Los Angeles. It was amazing, such a great experience, a bit crazy since we were there mostly to work, but we did try to combine everything and have some fun! It was really nice to be back in LA and we can't wait to be back this year for more time, we both really love it there.


Our first time to LA was two years ago and that time we barely saw anything, we were in town for only two days and had a shoot there with models for a client on one of the two days, so yeah, you can imagine how little we managed to see and do. This time we did actually manage to move and explore the city a little more. Of course we had to visit the place where we shot at last time, The Bates Motel, which is abandoned and totally white.  


Here I'm wearing a blue jeans jacket which I bought at a Levi's store on our way to LA from Joshua Tree! I had been wanting to buy a Jeans Jacket for a while now, and was really happy to find one that I like in my size. I'm so tall and often find it hard to find clothing which really looks good on me. I always manage, but it takes time. The good thing is that when I buy something, it's because I really do love it and plan to wear it a lot. For me it's not about having tons of pieces and outfits, it's about having the right ones! The shorts I'm wearing are from Lacoste and I bought them in Berlin right before our trip and I actually bought 3 pairs in different colors. I'm so ready for Summer!


Have a great weekend!