In collaboration with Samsung Germany

The past couple of months we have been traveling all over Europe, from Berlin to Barcelona, Rome, London and Paris! It’s been a crazy! Being online and available all the time is our job and thanks to Samsung we've been able to make our traveling more effective, fun and easy. Since the beginning of September we've been traveling with our Samsung Galaxy S8 phones, Level On Headphones, LED view cover and case and two battery packs to be able to stay connected and fully charged all day everyday!

Now we want to tell you a little bit about our experience with the different accessories:

Samsung Galaxy S8 - We both now have the Samsung Galaxy S8 and we just love its high definition screen, so clear and sharp! Also the infinity display makes this phone look so cool and futuristic. Watching videos or going through your pictures is a real pleasure. If you like to watch movies or your favourite series when you are travelling and you want to have the best quality possible, then you should definitely go for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and in case you want a bigger screen, then the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is the right choice for you. We went for the Samsung Galaxy S8 as we prefer to have a slightly smaller phone. 

Samsung Level On Headphones - The new Samsung Level On headphones are our first wireless headphones ever and they are so great! Up until now we've only had regular headphones with cables and they are often very unpractical as they usually get tangled up with other cables or your clothing. I think it's important that every product or accessory that you use makes your life a little easier, which is why the Level On are perfect for us. These wireless headphones allow you to listen to your favourite music whenever you want in the easiest way possible. Also the modern look of the headphones and their clean and simple aesthetics totally fits our style! We have them in black and silver. When wearing my white jacket I think the silver headphones really pop out and make the look cool! The best thing is that they're really comfortable and light. In the past we've both had headphones which were pretty heavy. 

Cases - For the cases I went for the Alcantara cover in black as I just love the colour and I usually go for a black look! Olja chose the LED view cover which doesn't only has a really nice design, but also protects the phone's screen. Hers has an LED display that allows you to see the time and other notifications like alarms or messages when it's closed, pretty cool, right? When you open the cover, the phone is automatically on and the case even has a little space inside it where you can keep either your business card or your credit card, which can also come in really handy.

Battery pack - When you're connected with your phone all day, usually the number one worry is if you'll have enough battery. Thanks to the new battery pack from Samsung, we are able to stay fully charged all day long! This new battery pack 5100 is designed to provide up to two full charges without it needing to be charged. Our old battery charger was heavy and really hard and just wasn't ideal for surfaces like glass tables or hard surfaces in general, and this one due to its rubber cover is really light and can be put on any surface without it getting scratched. Its size also allows you to carry it easily in your pocket and the best thing is that you can also charge other devices with the USB port, like for example your wireless headphones, tablets or any other devices. These chargers are real life savers!

All these new accessories and phones have definitely given our life and trips an upgrade! The fact that they are not only practical, but also very aesthetic and cool is just a plus, especially when they also fit your style and outfits! 

What about you guys? Are you Samsung lovers? Which Samsung products do you have?

Hope you're all having a great Sunday!


*Sponsored by Samsung